3 Cozy Spots to Grab a Drink

by: Hanna Teevan

Fall weather is finally upon us here in Oxford! As the leaves change colors and sweaters are pulled from the back of closets, we begin to slowly retreat from our rooftops & balconies for a warmer spot inside. Restaurants & bars around the Square are going to see a decline in warm bodies in their open air spots as the temperature drops. Below are our top 3 picks (in no particular order) of cozy spots to grab a drink in sweater weather.

1. Bouré

Boure Drinks in Oxford

The upstairs bar at Bouré is a fan favorite of many in every season. It has a great view of the Square whether you’re on the balcony or lounging on a leather couch. Though the actual bar top only has a few barstools, its length leaves plenty of room for you & your friends to squeeze your drink order in when it’s crowded. Grab some friends, claim a  leather couch and enjoy a Pickle Martini- you will not want to leave.

2. The Summit Lodge Bar

The Summit Lodge Bar Drinks in Oxford

You might be thinking, “What is a lodge bar doing in Oxford?” I think we were all a little surprised when the former Burgundy Room suddenly took on a ski lodge theme, but give it a (ski)shot and you won’t regret it. Located above Old Venice, Summit is a quick trip up the stairs accessed from inside the restaurant or next to Faulkner’s Alley. Its white oak bar and dim lighting create the perfect cozy ski lodge vibe. The fake wood-burning fire adds a nice touch as well. Check out the martini list and pop a squat on the green tufted-back couch by the fire with some friends or a date! A good time is always had by all.

3. City Grocery

City Grocery Drinks In OxfordUpstairs from the fine dining of City Grocery is the City Grocery bar. Located outside to the left of the downstairs dining you will find a door two steps up from the ground that lead to even more old steep stairs. Up the skinny stairs you’ll find a room with funky art on the walls and eclectic light fixtures. The bar’s tables and chairs, which sit low to the ground, stand out against the bar top and only add to the space’s character. A little funky, very much cozy. It’s a great spot for an after-work drink or just a place to gather with friends, and if you’re hungry ask for their bar menu. Like the bar, it may be small but it does not disappoint.



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