Chancellor's House Hotel Hop

What to Expect from Oxford’s Hotel Hop

Oxford’s Hotel Hop takes you to visit the classiest hotels and try the best drinks that our city has to offer. We invite all those who want to experience the excitement of Oxford’s nightlife. You may be asking, “What all exactly does this event entail?” Lucky for you, here’s an itinerary for the special evening!

The four elegant destinations you will visit include;

  1. The Inn at Ole Miss


2. The Graduate


3. The Courtyard Marriott


4. The Chancellor’s House


All of these hotels reflect the exciting energy of the town. You will receive a quick tour and background information of each hotel. Then, you will be served delicious appetizers and drinks while you mingle and admire the grandeur of the hotels.


Each stop will last around 45 minutes, so there’s no need to rush through the enjoyment of the evening. Throughout the night, you will be accompanied by our professional tour guides on the historical Double Decker Buses where you can ride in style and see the beautiful views of Oxford’s Downtown Square.

So join us as we take a quick adventure into Oxford’s high life and savor the good food and fun atmosphere! Tickets are going fast so reserve yours at or call us at 662-232-2477.


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