Oxford Film Festival 2018

5 Days of Films & Fun: Oxford Film Fest

By: Hanna Teevan

(February 7-11, 2018)

This Wednesday, February 7th marks the beginning of the 15th annual Oxford Film Festival. The five day festival features workshops, discussion panels and over 200 films. Founded in 2003, OXFF hosts independent filmmakers and cinema fans from all over right here in Oxford.

Executive Director Melanie Addington has been heading the festival since August of 2015. As the number of festival goers grows each year, the festival does as well. “We have a ton of new stuff this year: a Baseketball tournament, Kid Film fest, new special screenings and more. It is all exciting to me to see it come together.”

The addition Kid Film fest takes place Saturday February 10 and Sunday February 11. Kids ages 5-10, 11-17 can spend the day watching films and attending workshops to learn more about filmmaking. All of the festival’s events take place at the Powerhouse Community Arts Center, Malco Oxford Commons Cinema Grill, Oxford Conference Center and  Gertrude C. Ford Center on the Ole Miss campus. 

Previous year’s festivals have hosted celebrities like actor, filmmaker and acting instructor James Franco. Just last year Oxford Film Festival had the pleasure of hosting actor and film director Danny Glover.

Actor Danny Glover at Malco Commons during Oxford Film Festival 2017.

In short, if you enjoy movies, short films, popcorn, celebrities, filmmakers, workshops, discussion panels and FUN, this festival is for you. For more information and tickets check out http://oxfordfilmfest.com/

If you’re looking for a printed schedule of showings and events, stop by our office!

*Oxford Film Festival also hosts year-round events. You can find that schedule in the back of this year’s booklet or at http://oxfordfilmfest.com/calendar-of-events/




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