The Perfect “Velvet Ditch” Day

By: Dani Thomas

Oxford, MS is a comfortable, cozy place where once you arrive, you will not want to leave. It is because of this velvet-like comfort that Oxford got its whimsical nickname, The Velvet Ditch.

The Velvet Ditch can have a different meaning for everyone. For some, it is the comfort of being on the outdoor balcony at Boure during a nice day overlooking the Oxford Courthouse. For others, it is going to the Blind Pig on Monday nights for a fun but relaxed trivia night. And of course there are those that love looking down at the entire downtown Square with a fancy drink from the Coop at the Graduate Oxford.

Visit Oxford Velvet Ditch Comfort Food Mississippi
Food and drinks from Volta Taverna just off of N. Lamar. Photo by Dani Thomas taken March 2018.

“The Perfect Velvet Ditch Day I think is just being comfortable and relaxed all day,” says Ingrid Valbuena, an Integrated Marketing Communications senior from Maracaibo, Venezuela. “Oxford has the perfect mix of places where you can spend the whole day doing just that. Relaxing with friends, walking around, and enjoying good food and snacks!”

Ole Miss Student and his Velvet Ditch Day
Blake McClure, a senior Biology major from Hernando, MS enjoying his Perfect Velvet Ditch Day outside of Holli’s Sweet Tooth. Photo by Dani Thomas taken March, 2018

As far as your Perfect Velvet Ditch Day, it is any day that makes you feel at home here in Oxford. Anything that makes you look around and think about what a great life you have. The Perfect Velvet Ditch Day is a deep, clearing breath. It is having good people around where you don’t necessarily have to talk the whole time, but just be in each others presence. It is instantly feeling like you have a connection to a place that you have never been to before.

Cheers to discovering your own Perfect Velvet Ditch Day.


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