Show at The Lyric Oxford

Find Oxford and Get Lost in the Music

Best Places to Listen to Music in Oxford, MS

By: Dani Thomas

Oxford proves to be so much more than a little college town with every weekend. This town offers southern charm, award winning food and unforgettable experiences all set to the tune of your favorite song. Here are the best places around Oxford to take in a concert.

Proud Larry’s:

The perfect atmosphere to sit, eat, drink and bop your head along to a feel good song. Proud Larry’s is a great place to catch an up-and-coming performer with a good attitude and an appreciation for where they are at. The acts that play here are either a very relaxing and soft smile experience, or a jump off your seat and dance like no one is watching experience. The choice is completely up you.

Performance at Proud Larry's
Corey Harper performing at Proud Larry’s one, fall night. The blue lights and music made for a magical night. Photo by Brady Ruffin on August 1, 2017.

Thacker Mountain Radio:

Thacker Mountain Radio has live shows every Thursday at 6:00 at Off Square Books on the historic Oxford Square and have been since 1997. Their shows have both literary readings followed by music to fill your heart and soul. The shows are perfect to drink a coffee to and hear about the hottest new books.

Live Show at Thacker Mountain Radio
A band performs at Off Square Books on the Square by Thacker Mountain Radio. Photo provided by Thacker Mountain Radio

The Rose Room:

The Rose Room is a little more lucrative. Located in a house off the historic Oxford Square, the tenants push all their furniture against the walls and make a stage in the middle of floor. Most people need an invitation to even know when a show is happening. So if you’re lucky enough to get an invite, take it.

The Library:

The Library is for the late night dancer in all of us. This sports bar usually has performers on Friday and Saturday nights each with a theme all their own. From 80’s rock, to 90’s country played by The Mustache Band, this bar will make you want to dance with someone special. So go get yourself a Purple Gatorade and start moving your feet on their giant dance floor.

The Mustache Band performing in The Library Oxford
The Mustache Band playing 90’s country in front of the famous American flag wall at the The Library Oxford. Photo by Kyle Jones on October 13, 2012.

The Lyric:

The Lyric truly is a special place. They have every genre, every experience level, and every type of fun. The environment in the Lyric is immersive; you forget about all your struggles and live in the present, singing to your favorite songs. Once an upscale movie house, people even have their weddings there.

Jameson Rodgers Performing at The Lyric Oxford
Jameson Rodgers performing at The Lyric on a vibrant Friday night. Photo by Dani Thomas taken on February 2, 2018.

So WHEN you come to Oxford, check who’s playing. You might find yourself going home with a set list or a guitar pick souvenir and a happy heart.



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