Your Guide to a Night on the Square

Oxford, Mississippi, the hub of the South, brings in visitors from all over the country and the world. Home of the University of Mississippi, the town doubles in population during the school year with young adults. Whether in the Grove or on the Square, there’s one thing that is for sure: Oxford knows how to have a good time. It all comes down to location and a little bit of timing. Some bars are known to be laid back and others tend to bring a crowd when 10 o’clock hits.
To help make the most of an evening, here is a run-down of what to expect so that you can plan your night on The Square.


Let’s begin with one of the best views of the Square:

The Coop

Named the “Rooftop Cocktail Roost”, The Coop offers a great view of the Square at sunset to start the night. Having a small area to mingle, sit, and sip on cocktails, the industrial-yet-rustic 4th floor patio of the Graduate Hotel is usually full. With a light bar menu, you can make sure you don’t hit the town on an empty stomach.

Drink Frosé

Eat Rebel Tots

Do Early Drinks, Eat, Watch the Sunset


The Coop’s signature frozen drink Frosé and a Grove Water.



Perfect for making a quick stop or for spending the night, there are a lot of things about Funkys that locals love. A New Orleans style Daiquiris and Pizza bar, you have options of homemade pizza, a wall full of daiquiris and an optimal people watching location, facing both the alley and Jackson Avenue. Famous for having Katy Perry dive off the bar after the Ole Miss win over Bama in 2014, you can spot a gift from her on the wall. House specials include the Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and the Tide Pod, all which include an extra shot in a tube.

Drink Katy Perry, Tide Pod Daiquiri

Eat Frat Boy Pizza

Do Watch the Game, People Watch

The Katy Perry (which comes with extra shot of Tequila, the Skinny B**** and Funkys famous pizza.


South Depot Taco Shop

When having a night on the town, it is important to consider where you will start the night. This casual dining experience starts with building your own tacos, quesadillas and burritos. Top it off with a frozen margarita and some chips.

Drink Frozen Margarita

Do Eat, Pre-game


The Summit Lodge Bar

Up the stairs and above Old Venice, bar goers “climb the summit” to  try a variety of drinks.  You can expand your horizons with the Horn. Containing an unknown mixture of alcohol, a Ram’s Horn should be on every visitor’s drink bucket list. Bonus: you can also order food from the Old Venice menu.

Drink The Horn Shot

Do People Watch from the Balcony

*Whiskey Wednesdays are a local favorite.

The Summit Lodge Bar Drinks in Oxford


The Annex 

The Annex (18+) features massive TV’s to watch your favorite teams, offers weekly drink deals and a tasty menu of Poboys, burgers, and catfish platters. This bar covers all the bases. Don’t be surprised by live music and DJs on busier weekends.

Eat Chaud Poulet PoBoy

Do Watch the game, Dance


The Levee

Because the Levee is only one of two 18+ bars in Oxford, it is notorious for being flooded with Ole Miss freshman where they make many first-year memories. With a DJ most nights, this is a great place for dancing. The Levee also features three bars to order from and an outdoor patio for those looking to kick back and drink. The Levee has the best of both worlds. It is common to see pitchers, or “buckets” on tables containing a blue, mystery concoction that is bound to leave an impression.

Drink The Bucket

Eat The Q Burger

Do Dance, Watch the Game, Billiards


The Library Sports Bar

The Library is by far busiest bar in Oxford. This bar is the biggest on the square with three different sections, including a sports bar for watching any game, music hall and dance floor and a patio and balcony featuring lights and a great atmosphere. Typically having some of the highest cover, it pays off to arrive early.  This bar covers all your Friday night needs.

Drink Purple Gatorade Shot, or the drink version if you looove some sugar.

Do Catch Live Music, Dance, Watch the Game


Rooster’s Blues House

The longest and often busiest balcony on the square is undoubtedly Rooster’s. You can typically hear Rooster’s before you get there where the stage on any given night blasts classic, jazzy blues.  Grab a spot against the railing and you’ll witness the Square and all its glory. This “glory” features the mounted police and crowds excited for a good time, especially after an Ole Miss Football game.

Drink Rooster’s House Shot also known as a “Walk Me Down”

Eat Wings Specials

Do Catch Live Music, People Watch from the Balcony


Groovemasters play on a summer Thursday Night.


The Roundtable

 Entering from the alley or the Square, The Roundtable is more than meets the eye. From the Square, it appears to be a small bar, but down the hall and out the back door it opens to a patio full of TVs and a crowd. Roundtable is known around town for having one of the best back patios. Upstairs, the atmosphere completely changes, becoming almost club-like with a DJ set up with lights on big weekends. Leather couches line the walls where many take a break and watch others dance.

Drink Be on the lookout for daily drink deals.

Eat The Swog Style Sandwich

Do Watch the Game, Dance, Billiards, People Watch on the Patio



* The following bars are described as more “chill” places, however, on busy weekends in Oxford, any bar is game for a “hit the town” kind of night. *


The Blind Pig

Located under a shop on North Lamar, this bar is a great place for a bite to eat. With a welcoming and classic pub vibe, staying for a while is easy. With pool tables and a laid back experience, it is a local favorite and a cool place to retreat from the busy Square.

Drink Vodkaberry Lemonade

Eat The Cosby Killer Sandwich

Do Watch the Game, Billiards


Bouré Balcony Bar

Labeling itself “upscale, down home cooking” this is one place to consider for dinner and drinks. Once you finish dinner, you can head upstairs for drinks and a beautiful, late evening view of the Square. You could take an alternative route by skipping dinner and going straight upstairs for some early drinks. This balcony reflects a mature atmosphere where you will most likely see a crowd of Ole Miss Grad students.

Drink Pickle Martini

Eat Roasted Jalapeno and Grilled Peach Chutney Dip


The Cellar

Off the beaten path down a less busy alleyway, The Cellar welcomes customers with a menu of tasty martinis and specialty drinks. Behind the rows of booths, multi-color lights flash against the walls.  Because of its location, the Cellar is a great place to catch a break from the hustle and bustle of the square.

Drink The Chewy Bear Martini


A  Peach Sunset & Chewy Bear Martini.


Chancellor’s House

A newer addition for accommodations on the square, the Chancellor’s House offers a patio to enjoy an evening. Whether it be to start the night or to relax with an upscale and decadent vibe, you can’t go wrong stopping here.

Drink Mint Julep

Eat Fried Green Tomatoes with Crawfish Tails layered on top


City Grocery Bar

Above the restaurant bearing the same name is the City Grocery Bar. A popular after-work stop for locals, the cozy bar has a small bar menu to grab a bite for a snack or dinner.  If you’re lucky enough, grab a table on the balcony and settle in for some great people watching.

Eat The Burger & Fries

City Grocery Drinks In Oxford

The Growler

A newer addition to the Square, The Growler is a hub for craft beer enthusiasts. Inside you can find seating areas similar to your favorite coffee shop but with a different kind of brew. The tables hold stacks of playing cards to supplement a good time and conversations with friends. Don’t forget to bring your furry (or feathery) friend.

Drink Beer or Whiskey Flight (or one to pair with the other)

Eat  Choose a Hot Dog from the Top Dogs Menu


Moe’s Original BBQ

Found all over the U.S., this location offers the addition of the Penny Bar downstairs, where the bar top is literally rows upon rows of pennies. Locals and college students alike flock to the Penny Bar for trivia, bingo, open mic and live music.

Eat Pulled Pork Sandwich

Do Game Night, Watch the Game


Proud Larry’s

A small venue for bands and live music, Proud Larry’s brings in big names to a small town bar. With a variety of areas to sit and eat, it’s not just great for its music scene. A restaurant by day with live music at night, you will find you can spend a whole afternoon and evening here. Be sure to check their calendar and see what music will be playing on any given night.

Eat The Larry Burger

Do Catch a Show


Looking for a bit more of an adventure?

“Secret” Grilled Cheese

If you chose to take on the Square, the last stop is a secret spot for gourmet grilled cheese. On the south side of the square, down an alleyway named after a notable writer from Oxford, this speakeasy spot is a best kept secret. With a dress code and a line, this wait is worth it for a twist on a dinner classic.

*No Pictures Please- Pictures are not allowed so save your Snapchats for later.


Chicken on a Stick

The go-to for any late night and a tradition for many, the Chevron on the corner of South Lamar and University has a variety of southern fried munchies.

Chicken on a Stick


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